Orenda Foundation

Logo design and website for Orenda Foundation – a non-profit organization in Curaçao.

Orenda Website and Logo Design - Mobile

About Orenda

Orenda Foundation is a non-profit organization in Curaçao. Its mission is to improve the ecological condition of the island and the quality of life for the people.

Orenda plants and takes care of private gardens, creates and maintains public food forests, promotes and educates about sustainable and regenerative agriculture methods, as well as builds a community of people that share fruit forests and regenerative techniques.

Orenda approached us with a request to design a logo and create a website for their foundation.

The logo

The idea for the logo was to emphasize the involvement with nature, growth and openness to the community.

Together with the logo, we chose a color pallet and typography necessary for it.

The visual representation of a growing tree symbolizes growth, regeneration, reforestation and nature. The growing tree represents new life and progression.

The fonts in the logo relate to an ethnic style, adding a “human touch” to the design. At the same time, the font is reserved enough to keep the logo professional and not appear too simplistic or cartoonish.

The colors are rich, bright and associate with nature. At the same time, they are not the typical shades of green to make the logo stand out and feel cheerful.

The website

The main purpose of the website is to inform the public of its vision, ongoing projects and let the community know about volunteering and educational possibilities.

Also, Orenda’s team needs the website to collect donations to help sustain the foundation financially.

The website follows the same color pallet and typography as in the logo.

The website feels warm, friendly and welcoming. It also showcases the green beauty of Curaçao – the utopia Orenda Foundation is trying to create.

The purpose of the visuals is to communicate the image of Curaçao that Orenda Foundation sees and to inspire people to work together to make it happen.

Orenda website design by Marketing Orchestra

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