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Green Phenix

Website design for Green Phenix - a social enterprise with the focus on recycling and reducing plastic waste in the Caribbean.

Green Phenix Website design by Marketing Orchestra
Green Phenix website design by Marketing Orchestra - mobile

The Legend of the Green Phenix

Green Phenix is a social enterprise based in Curaçao.  Its mission is to protect our lands and oceans from plastic waste. They begin by working in Curaçao, later expanding to other islands in the Caribbean.

A Phoenix is a mythical creature rises from its ashes. The Green Phenix, in a shape of a turtle, just like a mythical phoenix, rises from plastic debris of the oceans. The plastic debris is transformed into a social enterprise with a mission to safeguard oceans.

As a social enterprise, Green Phenix also focuses on providing training and inclusive employment possibilities for people of all backgrounds and education levels.

Green Phenix asked us to create a website for them. In addition, they needed some illustration to accompany the website.

The website

We decided to go with a very minimalistic style for Green Phenix. This makes the website simple and helps to focus on the content.

The minimalistic and somewhat rustic style also helps to communicate the self-made, self-brought atmosphere that is shared at Green Phenix. The bold font and headings style adds power – it shows the energy with which all the projects at Green Phenix are performed.

Green Phenix is mostly run by volunteers and people from various backgrounds. The website needed to be simple to match varying styles of photos and illustrations, as professional help might not always be available to match a specific design.

The attached menu on the left makes it easier to navigate across many pages and easily find information that each visitor is looking for.

Green Phenix website - desktop

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