FABRIQUE Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity and Logo design for a climbing and co-working space in Lithuania.

FABRIQUE Visual Identity Design, example of logo on a wall
FABRIQUE Visual Identity Design, example of logo on a wall


FABRIQUE is a unique space in Klaipeda, Lithuania for work and adventure.

In this space you can combine your passion for sports and work achievements.

FABRIQUE features a bouldering space to challenge your physical limits, and a co-working space, to take advantage of the benefits physical exercise has on your mental capacity and creativity.


As a brand, FABRIQUE can be described as brave and modern. It is free and somewhat playful. Historic and authentic.

FABRIQUE strives to merge the lines between work and play and create the feeling of “anything is possible as long as you work for it”.

They combine the idea that by going over your physical limits, you can also go out of your comfort zone at work and reach new heights.

The name “Fabrique” come from the French word for “factory”. It represents the historic space where FABRIQUE is located. Historically, it was a sewing factory, which now has been successfully modified into bouldering and co-working space.

FABRIQUE founders wanted to keep that piece of history within their brand.

Visual Identity design grid with brand elements for FABRIQUE

Visual Identity

When creating the visual identity for this brand, we wanted to recreate the feeling of power, boldness, as well as ethnic connection to its historical location.

The visual identity design included design of logo, brand elements, typography, color palette, as well as rules on how to use and implement all elements together for a consistent brand identity.

The logo

The typographic logo is based on the title – FABRIQUE (short. FBRQ) together with a tag line.

The font used for the logo – Gotham – is a clear modern sans-serif font. Expressive, bold and geometric letters perfectly convey the powerful feeling behind FABRIQUE.

The symbol

The letter “Q” is embedded with a stylized Slavic Dazhbog Summer symbol. This is an ancient, mystical symbol, filled with the deepest universal meaning. The use of this symbol in the logo represents FABRIQUE’s values and its ethnic link.


The FABRIQUE’s color palette work to bring out the feeling of adventure and bold expression.

The purple colors are rich and powerful, while staying warm and welcoming.

The neon yellow color contrasts and stands out against the two shades of purple, making it a perfect accent color that also adds playfulness into the style.

Graphic Elements

FABRIQUE graphic elements are “stones” that are used on climbing walls as holds of various shapes.

These elements when used as decorative elements and frames for photos visually combine the mix between the sport and work environments.

They can be used in a variety of shapes and shades to create different visual communication materials.

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