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Crystal Touch

All marketing and branding solutions for Crystal Touch since 2015.

Crystal Touch Website Design by Marketing Orchestra
Crystal Touch Website Design by Marketing Orchestra

Crystal Touch Clinic has been with us since the very beginning.

We’ve partnered with the clinic to assist them with all marketing, branding and communication needs, so they can focus on treating their patients, while we work on establishing their authority in the world of facial palsy rehabilitation.

Our partnership includes:

  • marketing strategy & campaigns
  • brand strategy and graphic design
  • copywriting for web and social media
  • creation of educational videos
  • managing social media channels
  • website design & management
  • and more.

“Karina is always ready to walk the extra mile, and put a piece of her personality into the work.

She suggested and implemented wonderful ideas for our clinic, and created content that appears in Google’s first pages. I can always count on her help and honest feedback.

I sincerely recommend Marketing Orchestra to anyone who appreciates a professional and creative approach to marketing, and for whom sustainable and long-term progress is important. The results will not be long in coming.”

Alex Pashov
Alex Pashov
Director of Crystal Touch Clinic

About the company

Crystal Touch Clinic serves a highly niche market, by specializing in rehabilitation services to patients with complications after a long-standing facial palsy.

It is a sensitive market, that requires a special approach, especially as the clinic’s results are often perceived as “too good to be true”. This presents a marketing challenge to create substantial authority to turn “a too good” solution into a trustworthy promise.


Since the beginning, our mission has been to build sufficient authority to establish credibility and build trust in its niche.

Crystal Touch is a pioneer in their method of recovery, that brings specific marketing challenges.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve managed to build authority and trust, resulting in medical institutions reaching out to Crystal Touch with requests for cooperation and education for medical practitioners. More and more doctors are now recommending the clinic to their patients.

In addition, the clinic easily reaches its targets for monthly leads through a well-crafted website, SEO optimization and brand representation in social channels.

Social Media

As part of our marketing efforts, we create content and manage social media channels for Crystal Touch. Take a look at each channel to see our work for yourself.

The clinic is well-represented among its narrow market and often appears in conversations on forums, groups and channels dedicated to facial palsy.

The Website

Since we started working with the clinic, we have redesigned their website twice. First, when we began our partnership, as their online presence needed an update. Second, in November 2022, as both the content and the clinic’s requirements from a website changed substantially.

During the last redesign, we’ve adjusted their website strategy in order to focus on different goals. During the pandemic, the clinic had to shift their focus and rely on online solutions to stay operational. A new website update was needed to focus on stronger online presence and add new revenue streams.

The new website’s mission shifted from education-first focus, to consultation-first approach.

With this goal in mind, the website was made to guide visitors towards a registration for a consultation.

After the new website strategy was implemented, there was a 20% increase in conversion rate.

The clinic works in English- and Russian-speaking markets. Hence, the website has been fully translated into Russian by our team.

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