Impact Driven Creative Agency

Marketing Orchestra - Services


We help business owners create impactful brands that stand out.

Whether we are creating a brand identity or a website, we combine aesthetics, visual meaning and practical solutions.

In this way, the end result provides visual communication, as well as serves your business.


We see marketing as an orchestra.

It needs a comprehensive approach that involves proper branding, strategy, visual & written communication and more. It is a complex synergy of several components, that when balanced and managed bring a desired result.


During our work with you, we stand by our values.

The Team

Karina - Marketing Orchestra


Idea generator and director

Karina’s superpowers lie in creating something out of nothing and bringing clarity to each project.

She will work with you from the very beginning. Focusing on your goals, she will find the best way to serve your audience and create an impact.

With over 7 years of experience of working with non-conventional projects, she will share her unique strategy and generate new ideas how to reach your goals.

Karina studied BSc International Business in University of Maastricht, and finished her MSc in Marketing Management at Erasmus University, The Netherlands. She currently resides in Cyprus.

Specialty: Marketing & Consulting, Brand Strategy, Project Management, Web Design & Development, Copywriting.

Victoria - Marketing Orchestra


Conductor of all things visual

Victoria is a superwoman of graphic and visual creations.

Using Adobe Creative Suite as her magic wand, she will turn all ideas into concrete, practical and spectacular creations.

Victoria’s creativity and over 8 years of experience working for an Ad Agency allows her to apply the best practices of graphical design to execute flawless visuals.

Victoria studied Graphic Design in Vilnius College of Design and finished her MA in Visual Design at Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania. Victoria lives and works in Lithuania.

Specialty: Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Brand Visual Identity, Web Design.